Pet Toys

Did you know that some canine behavioral problems can be minimized or eliminated if your pet is getting sufficient exercise? Herding breeds, for instance, come from stock that was bred to run many miles a day while tending livestock. Unfortunately, running several miles a day to give your pet adequate exercise may not be what you had in mind. Active playtime within your own yard or at the dog park can serve the same purpose and toys are useful tools in exercising your pets. We carry a wide variety of safe toys designed to assist you in exercising your dog or cat. Toys also serve the purpose of engaging your dog or cat’s mind. Mentally active and engaged pets also have fewer behavioral problems and are more fun to be with. We have many toys that will challenge your pet (and you) for hours. We all know how many hours the right toy will keep a cat engaged and how entertaining it is to watch. Stop in and see what toys would suit your pet best and have some fun.

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