There are so many brands and flavors of dog and cat food that there are almost always specials on one type of food or another.  At The Critters & Me we like to pass those savings on to our customers as often as we can.  Another opportunity for specials and discounts arises when foods get close to their expiration date. With wholesome, natural foods the expiration dates are measured in months, not years as with foods that are heavily laden with preservatives.  So from time to time when foods are within a month or two of that date we will discount them.  Foods are generally good for a long time after this date but we are not allowed to sell them after that time.  These specials can help to reduce your overall cost of feeding especially if you have large or multiple animals.  We often have sales on accessories and treats as well.  Specials change frequently so please check our Facebook page, call or stop by regularly to check out what deals are available.