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Santa Fe's Natural Pet Food Store

Our Mission is to educate pet owners on ways to enrich and prolong their pets’ lives. We do this by promoting information, offering the highest quality pet food, and by using safe methods of dealing with common problems. In addition to natural foods and organic feeds researched and sourced from the most reliable suppliers, we offer homeopathic remedies, flower essences, herbs and natural supplements. The Critters & Me is founded on the belief that health begins with proper nutrition and that each animal is an unique individual deserving the required attention to meet its specific needs. Stop by and let us know if we can assist you in caring for your pet’s needs.

Our Recent Blog Articles

Mercury, Vaccines and Your Pet’s Health

We are aware that we have put up several posts about pet vaccinations, but please indulge us again because we feel this is very useful information.  We feel that it is vitally important for our customers to know that mercury is … Continue reading →

Grass Eating Dogs & Cats! Good or Bad?

Hi! Laura Moore here. Over the years I have experienced this issue and had many questions regarding dogs(and cats) eating grass. The information thru my studies has been that it is not that they have an upset stomach and are trying … Continue reading →

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