In recent years more and more pet experts have acknowledged the benefits of a raw food diet. After all, our domestic companions are descended from wild wolves and cats of various types who did not have the convenience of kibble in their bowls morning and evening. It is obvious that those genes are still present when, much to our horror, our precious pets delight in catching and dining on a mouse or rabbit. Raw diets have been known to alleviate many allergic reactions, improve digestive disorders and improve skin and coat. If you are interested in exploring whether a raw diet is right for your pet The Critters & Me has many options that make it more convenient than requiring you or your pet to hunt down wild game. We carry several brands of raw patties and nuggets including OC Raw, Steve’s Real Food and Vital Essentials. In addition, we stock a full line of frozen marrow bones in varying sizes. The benefits of a raw diet can also be conveniently achieved via our lines of freeze-dried raw foods by K-9 Naturals, Vital Essentials and Sojos. You can be confident that these raw food providers have met our quality requirements. The meats are not sourced from China or Mexico nor subjected to high pressure pasteurization, thus insuring the highest nutritional value in the raw foods that we sell.