One of the most important responsibilities we have in relation to our domestic animals is their feeding. Let’s face it, most of our pets are not free to roam and forage for their own food as they once did. Therefore, they depend upon us to provide them with the calories and nutrition they need for a healthy, happy life. We could hunt rabbits, rodents and other prey and bring them home to our pets, but while satisfying their needs it is not very convenient for us. So we humans have applied our food processing skills to the preparation of pet foods. Dry kibble is one of the most convenient and economical forms of dog food available. Animal and vegetable proteins are combined into bite sized pieces that are easy to measure and fed dry or with added water. This allows you to easily monitor the nutrition and calories you are feeding your dog. Kibble is available in single or multi-protein forms and in grain-free or mixed with selected grains and legumes. Many kibbles are available in small and large breed formulas as well as puppy, adult and senior life stages.