Dog & Puppy Food

We carry many lines of natural, organic, grain-free, GMO-free and single source protein dog foods as well as formulas for different life stages and breeds. These foods come in dry kibble, canned, freeze dried, dehydrated and frozen forms with multiple bag and can sizes available. We also carry many lines of healthy treats made from real meat and vegetables. All of our dog foods are researched and sourced from the highest quality sources on the market.

Feeding premium quality foods rich in protein and calories ensures your pet’s optimum health and reduces the amount of food you have to feed, which in turn reduces your overall cost of feeding. Choosing the optimal food for your pet given their specific breed, life stage and the many choices available can be confusing to say the least, but at The Critters & Me our trained, knowledgeable staff can assist you in making the best choice. One added bonus at The Critters is our food guarantee on most of our dry and canned foods. If your pet does not like it, just return the bag half or more full and we will refund your purchase price. We will also refund your purchase price on any unopened canned foods!

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Dry Dog Food

One of the most important responsibilities we have in relation to our domestic animals is their feeding. Let’s face it, most of our pets are not free to roam and forage for their own food as they once did. Therefore, they depend upon us to provide them with the calories and nutrition they need for a healthy, happy life.  Find out more about our dry dog food


Canned dog Food

Canned dog food is an easy and convenient way to feed your pet. Available in 5oz. and 13oz. cans, canned dog food often retains more of the meat texture and moisture associated with raw or unprocessed meat. It can be fed on its own or used to supplement or alternate with kibble. Find out more about our dog food

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Frozen Raw, Freeze Dried, Dehydrated Dog Food

In recent years more and more pet experts have acknowledged the benefits of a raw food diet. After all, our domestic companions are descended from wild wolves and cats of various types who did not have the convenience of kibble in their bowls morning and evening. It is obvious that those genes are still present when, much to our horror, our precious pets delight in catching and dining on a mouse or rabbit. Read more on raw dog food


Dog Treats

Treats are usually thought of as entertainment for our dogs which they obviously are. But treats can also serve several other important functions in our pets’ lives. Tasty treats are an invaluable training and teaching aid. Treats can also be used to supplement your dog’s diet with added nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Find out more about dog treats