Dry Cat Food

As every cat owner knows, cats can be the most independent, aloof, and frustrating animals you’ll ever love. And feeding cats can be the most frustrating and confusing experience in your relationship with them. They will eat one food ravenously for a while and then refuse to touch it, leaving you without a clue. Cats given their primal ancestry are primarily carnivores. That is why different meat based dry kibbles are one of the most convenient, flexible and economical forms of cat food available. Animal proteins are combined into bite sized pieces that are easy to measure and feed dry or with added water. This allows you to easily monitor the nutrition and calories you are feeding your cat. If you are feeding your cat canned or raw food, kibble is an excellent rotational food when your cat stops eating what you are feeding for undisclosed reasons. Kibble is available in many flavors, in single or multi-protein forms and in grain-free and life stage formulas.