Did You Know?

Part of our mission at The Critters & Me is to educate pet owners in ways to enrich and prolong their pets’ lives. Our pets can’t pick up the phone and call the vet, so they are dependent upon us for their overall welfare. And the best way for us to meet the anticipated and unanticipated needs of our pets is to educate ourselves. Because English is not the first language of most critters, it is necessary for us to pay attention, be observant and learn the meaning of specific behaviors and health issues. Educating ourselves about our animals’ needs is surely as important as basic behavioral training for our pets. In fact, many trainers point out that it is as important to train the pet owner’s as it is to train the pet and sometimes more difficult.

In this “Did You Know” section of the website we will post useful information on feeding, care of minor ailments, research and interesting pet related articles. Our bricks and mortar store has become a lively resource where pet owners can share experience and information. We hope that this section of the website will expand that information sharing and educational function and be a valuable resource for all pet owners. Please let us know when you find something useful or have additional information to share.


Transitioning to a Raw Diet

These recommendations can be used for any complete raw food diet. Transitioning is the most essential element of a healthy change from dry kibble or canned wet food to a raw diet. We recommend making this transition slowly. Allow a … Continue reading →

Pet Food Nutrition

GENERAL POINTS ON PET FOOD NUTRITION There has been a steadily increasing awareness concerning the importance of our pets health of over the past ten to fifteen years.  Most people have learned to read the labels and the list of … Continue reading →


DESCRIPTION OF HOMEOPATHY The practice of homeopathy is based on an observation called the law of similars. What this means, in simple terms, is that what a substance can cause, it can cure. This system holds that every person or … Continue reading →

Grass Fed Green Tripe

GRASS-FED GREEN TRIPE – Article “The Stink on Tripe-For Your Dog” Taken from Dogs Naturally Magazine   Tripe:  the magical mystery meat that dogs crave and humans fear!  Tripe seems to be the line in the sand drawn between beginning … Continue reading →

Feeding Recommendations

FEEDING RECOMMENDATIONS What is considered a large breed dog, a senior, a puppy verses an Adult? Large breed dogs are 60lbs. or more as an adult. It is important to note that large breed puppies have special feeding requirements and … Continue reading →