Did You Know?

Part of our mission at The Critters & Me is to educate pet owners in ways to enrich and prolong their pets’ lives. Our pets can’t pick up the phone and call the vet, so they are dependent upon us for their overall welfare. And the best way for us to meet the anticipated and unanticipated needs of our pets is to educate ourselves. Because English is not the first language of most critters, it is necessary for us to pay attention, be observant and learn the meaning of specific behaviors and health issues. Educating ourselves about our animals’ needs is surely as important as basic behavioral training for our pets. In fact, many trainers point out that it is as important to train the pet owner’s as it is to train the pet and sometimes more difficult.

In this “Did You Know” section of the website we will post useful information on feeding, care of minor ailments, research and interesting pet related articles. Our bricks and mortar store has become a lively resource where pet owners can share experience and information. We hope that this section of the website will expand that information sharing and educational function and be a valuable resource for all pet owners. Please let us know when you find something useful or have additional information to share.


Are You a Vegetarian? Ever Wonder if your Dog Should Be Too?

There are many reasons to consider switching your diet over to vegetarian, health issues, toxicity issues in livestock, geopolitical issues around population, environmental issues, etc.  There is no doubt that a well balanced vegetarian diet can work quite well for … Continue reading →

Snake Bite Emergency Kit – Available At The Critters & Me!

This homeopathic snake bite emergency kit was developed specifically for bites from venomous snakes found in the Santa Fe area of northern New Mexico.  This kit created by Laura Moore consists of 4 very specific homeopathic remedies.  Laura has been … Continue reading →

Hypothyroidism In Dogs – A Growing Problem!

At The Critters & Me we try to stay informed about the latest trends and issues in canine health.  Lately we have become aware that more and more canine health issues are being linked to the thyroid.  In humans, women especially, in … Continue reading →

Amazing Dogs – Training by Connie Dillion

If you are interested in assistance with dog training in Santa Fe we suggest you contact Connie Dillion.  Connie Dillon is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Tellington TTouch Practitioner in Santa Fe. Connie’s website is www.amazingdogssantafe.com and she can be reached … Continue reading →

Protein Misconceptions – Senior Canine Health

We are excited to provide our customers with some very important information regarding senior canine health and longevity.  It is common practice to recommend lower protein diets for senior dogs in order to deal with kidney issues as the animal … Continue reading →

Flu Viruses, Natural Immunity and Vaccines!

Recently one of the most respected experts on pet healthcare, Dr. Jean Dodds, posted an article addressing the concern around the outbreak in Chicago and other areas of canine influenza.  One of the points she brings out is that naturally occurring immunity can … Continue reading →

Mercury, Vaccines and Your Pet’s Health

We are aware that we have put up several posts about pet vaccinations, but please indulge us again because we feel this is very useful information.  We feel that it is vitally important for our customers to know that mercury is … Continue reading →

Grass Eating Dogs & Cats! Good or Bad?

Hi! Laura Moore here. Over the years I have experienced this issue and had many questions regarding dogs(and cats) eating grass. The information thru my studies has been that it is not that they have an upset stomach and are trying … Continue reading →

Understanding the Need for Probiotics and Prebiotics!

We are all becoming increasingly aware that our modern lifestyle, diet and environmental pollution can have a devastating effect on our health and the health of our pets.  We are also told that over 80% of our immune system support comes from … Continue reading →

More About Vaccines, Allergies & Homeopathy!

In recent months we have posted a few articles on vaccines which have covered the need for vaccines, healthy frequencies for re-vaccinating a pet and some of the side-effects and health hazards associated with current vaccination practices.  One of the … Continue reading →