Did You Know?

Part of our mission at The Critters & Me is to educate pet owners in ways to enrich and prolong their pets’ lives. Our pets can’t pick up the phone and call the vet, so they are dependent upon us for their overall welfare. And the best way for us to meet the anticipated and unanticipated needs of our pets is to educate ourselves. Because English is not the first language of most critters, it is necessary for us to pay attention, be observant and learn the meaning of specific behaviors and health issues. Educating ourselves about our animals’ needs is surely as important as basic behavioral training for our pets. In fact, many trainers point out that it is as important to train the pet owner’s as it is to train the pet and sometimes more difficult.

In this “Did You Know” section of the website we will post useful information on feeding, care of minor ailments, research and interesting pet related articles. Our bricks and mortar store has become a lively resource where pet owners can share experience and information. We hope that this section of the website will expand that information sharing and educational function and be a valuable resource for all pet owners. Please let us know when you find something useful or have additional information to share.


Ask Laura Tuesdays! 11AM to 2PM

We’ve added a new service for our customers.  Every Tuesday from 11AM to 1PM Laura Moore, Owner and Founder of The Critters & Me will be available to answer your questions on diet, nutrition, supplementation, homeopathy and other pet related … Continue reading →

New Food Alert! Holistic Health Extension

We are always on the look out for new and better foods because nutrition is the basis at the root of our pets’ health and well being.  We are particularly excited to announce our latest find, the Holistic Health Extensions … Continue reading →

The Canine Spay/Neuter Debate – If and When?

First of all, The Critters & Me does not take a rigid stand on either side of the spay/neuter debate.  We feel that performing the procedure or not performing it both have their place and there is no absolute right or wrong … Continue reading →

Pet Allergies! What to do?

Have you just come from the vet and been told your dog or cat is allergic to this food or that environmental element?  Your not alone, allergies could possibly be the fastest growing diagnosis in pets today.  And if you have suffered … Continue reading →

Heartworm – An Alternative Point of View!

A common thread in many of the posts on this site, as well as others concerned with health issues, is the importance of supporting the immune system.  It is the first line of defense against all disease for us and our pets.  … Continue reading →

Understanding Hemp for Pets! UPDATE 8/8/17

We have been selling hemp based supplements for pets at the Critters & Me for a couple of years now because we have seen it benefit many animals as well as humans.  Unfortunately, there are still many misconceptions regarding hemp … Continue reading →

The Great Meat vs. Meal Debate!

If you have spent any time at all educating yourself about dog and cat food you have probably run into conflicting views regarding the pros and cons meals in the food.  We spend a lot of time at The Critters … Continue reading →

Interesting Facts About Lymes Disease

If you are living in or traveling to an area where lyme is present you may have been tempted to get a lyme vaccine to insure you don’t get the disease.  If you did try, you probably found out  that … Continue reading →

Canine Ear Infections

If you have been a dog owner for any length of time at all you have probably suffered along side your dog when they get an ear infection.  Ear infections are very common, with some breeds more than others.  If … Continue reading →

This Tuesday w/Laura – Meet Dr. Jeannette Kelly, DVM

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! This Tuesday, August 1st Laura will be joined by Dr. Jeannette Kelly, DVM to answer your pet related questions. Dr Kelly created Veterinary Cancer Care, P.C., in 2004 due to demand for a veterinary cancer treatment center in … Continue reading →